Badges Giveaway

We have had unbelievable response to ‘Like, Share and Tag’ post on our Facebook page for these club badges. Thank you to everyone that Liked, Shared, Tagged and interacted with the post, and with all other posts on both our Facebook and Twitter platforms. A simple click goes to a long way to helping us promote and raise the profile of the Cork No 1 CSC to another level. Without your interaction, this would not be possible so for that we thank you.

Over 400 names were entered into the Giveaway Competition for these badges, a number to which we are ecstatic and would of never of expected. Also stay tuned to our social media platforms for our next promotion. We have a wonderful new ‘limited edition’ scarf coming out soon. If you think the badge was good these scarfs will blow you away. Your not gonna want to miss this scarf, she’s a belter.

Anyway, out of the 400 names that entered, congratulations to:

  • Paul Elvin
  • Jim Meehan
  • Danny Healy
  • Ollie O’ Dubhshláine
  • Tam McLees
  • Bill Quigley
  • Ian Walsh
  • Kevin Deasy
  • Martin O’ Mahony
  • Diarmuid Roche

Please contact the Cork No 1 CSC Facebook/Twitter for more details.

Thank you, HH