Lord Mayor Scarf

If you know your History – Club Branches – Lord Mayors

It was in the mid to late 90’s with the absorption of the Passage West C.S.C into the Cork No. 1 C.S.C that the first Club Branch outside the City was created. It was observed at the time, that there was an appetite and potential to have further branches of the Club in numerous places around the County where we had Members. At it’s height we had 9 Branches in the Club.

The branch system, with the prefix ‘Cork No 1 C.S.C’ added to their individual names, remained in place until 2011 when it was proposed to do away with the branch system and for all Members to finally come under the one umbrella. While it didn’t suit some Members(That is another story to be told) to do away with the branch system it was carried at the following A.G.M by a huge majority.

A few of these Branches were named after Irish Patriots. One of these Branches was in Cork City and was known as ‘The MacCurtain – MacSwiney C.S.C.’ Named after our two renowned Lord Mayor’s of 1920.

As this is the 100th Anniversary of the death of the two Lord Mayor’s and following a recent proposal from some of our younger Members, Cork No. 1 C.S.C are delighted to produce a once off ‘Limited Edition’ Club Scarf in honour, not only these two great Patriots from Cork but also in recognition of the old branch system that existed within our club.

The unveiling of the ‘MacCurtain – MacSwiney’ Limited Edition Scarf will be posted on Sunday, May 3rd.