Minute Tickets

As of last week, with the return of the German Bundesliga to our TV screens, it was suggested that we should resume our Minute Tickets and correspond them with the Bundesliga schedule as their season plays out. This was a very clever idea as the Minute Tickets are a big source of income for our CSC with multiple members participating in it every week. Normally, we’d apply the minute tickets for every Celtic game but for obvious reasons, we were unable to do this.

Last weeks game was Borussia Dortmund v FC Schalke 04 and the first goal was scored by Erling Haland in the 29th minute. Congratulations to the winners who were:

Mono Mooney – 50 Euros

David Owens – 20 Euros

Liam Cross – 20 Euros

Well done lads and thanks to everyone who participates.