One For The Archives

Since Easter previous (2020), we were in the middle of a global Pandemic. They were very strange and unprecedented times indeed, all very alien to us. Pretty much most of us were out of work, apart from those frontline workers to whom, we are forever grateful for your tireless work.

Since the majority of us were out of work due to lockdown. Killing time and staying occupied was the order of the day, every day. So out of the ashes of boredom arose the Cork No 1 CSC – ‘Celtic Icons’ which are always available to read on the blog section of the website. Articles of former players who pulled on the Green and White Hoops from different eras of the clubs history.

The articles turned out to be a great success and a lot of brilliant feedback from whom the stories were based on, so we’d just like to show a flavour of some of the comments that were brought back to us. It’s certainly One for the Archives.


A DM from the Derry Pele

A reply from Tony Hutton, who gave a great response from the intriguing story of George Connolly.



A reply from Simon Donnelly.

A lovely message from Mick Conroy who is a great friend of the club and a regular guest at Cork No 1 CSC events going back the years.


A reply on our Facebook page from former Celtic goalkeeper and a guest at our most recent 30th Anniversary dinner dance, Rab Douglas.