Cork No1CSCTicket Information

Cork No1CSC supplies tickets to its Members & Non Members (Where applicable).

This is throughout the season, to all of our Home games & selected European matches.

* Please see rules for ticket request & allocation.

Ticket Allocation Rules

Below are rules for the allocation of tickets to members and non-members.

  1.  When ordering tickets you must apply through the Whatsapp ticket group. You must pay for your ticket within one week of ordering. Your application will not be valid until payment is made. A minimum notice of 5 weeks should be given to the ticket group for applications for home league tickets and for European games.  For Scottish cup & League cup games applications should be made ASAP because of proximity of games after the draw.
  2. The cost of a Home league match Ticket begin at €45 , Children U-16 will €20/ U-18s will be €25 with certain Conditions. `The season cards must be collected from a club official, and returned within 48hrs of the game, unless other arrangements are made with official. The season card is your responsibility until it is returned to a club official. If the season card needs to be replaced any fee incurred will be carried by those responsible.
  3. In the event of the demand of tickets exceeding the supply. The distribution of tickets will be decided by the count back system.

Some count back rules are as follows:

  • The use of club tickets for previous Home league games, Exc. Rangers.
  • Their involvement in club fundraising and club events.
  • Supporting Club HQ The Ferry Arms.

A rota system will be in place for the distribution of tickets for the bigger/most popular games.

All extra tickets ordered, except home league tickets could carry a levy to cover the cost of

Phone calls, Postage, Handling/ Booking fees and exchange rates.


For more information please contact us.

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